1 Safety Equipment Servicing

  • Servicing and certification of Life Boats and Rescue Boats since 2000 App 200 cases per annum. Life Raft servicing App. 2500 per annum for over 25 years. Industrial, Ships and Offshore Platform Fixed Fire Extinguishing System service and repairs over 2500 cases since 1992. Fire Extinguishers, CABA and EEBD service app. 10,000 per annum for over 25 years.
  • Servicing and certification of immersion suits and all types of LSA Equipment, 1000’s of cases per year.

  • 2 Fire Protection Systems Design & Installation

  • 70 Fire Alarm Systems design supply and installation
  • 80 Co2 Fixed Systems design supply and installation 10 cases of Sprinkler/Mist Systems and Foam (design supply and Installation)
  • Low location lighting on 20 ships (passenger vessels) Total Fire Protection System audit as consultancy 15 cases (Including 25 major ports, Industrial Complexes MODUS etc.)
  • Complete Redesign and Modernization of Fire Detection and Alarm System to fully cover the port of Sh. Rajaii in Bandar Abbass.
  • Consultant to the PMO on preparing Tech. Specification of 55 Fire Engines For ports and conducting tender etc. (in hand)


  • Thickness gauging (UTM), 25 years’ experience, over a 1800 cases on
  • Ships (Including at least a 300 ESP Ships), Offshore, Industrial Structures, Jetties etc.
  • 15 years’ experience of MPI, DPI, Vac. Test and UT, on Ships, Oil Rigs, Offshore Structures etc.

4 Load Test

  • Crane inspection and Load test, App. 200-300 cases per annum for 18 years.
  • This includes difficult cases like MODU, BOP Test to 275 Tons in the Caspian Sea.
  • 15 years’ experience in test and inspection of lifting appliances, wire ropes, slings baskets etc., and all type of loose gear.
  • Over 120 cases of bollard pull test on ships and tugboats.

5 Training

  • Over 1500 officers and crew of ships and offshore, as well as selected staff of various shipbuilding, and offshore construction companies have under gone the 4 basic safety training as well as Advanced Fire Fighting and Life Boat/ Life Raft Training December 2000 to 2006.

6 HSE & audit project

  • Full HSE consultation project for Shahid Rajaee port and implementation of the full HSE consultation project for 15 ports of PMO requirements of HSE in port HSE organization and all active contractors.
  • Smaller HSE consultancy for various clients.
  • Audit projects as described in other sections.

7 Experience in Oil & Gas Industries

  • Servicing and Certification of Safety Equipment and Fire Fighting Equipment under contract with the following companies in the last 20 years.
  • National Iranian Tanker Co.
  • Oil Terminal Co.
  • Iranian Offshore Oil Co.
  • North Drilling Co.
  • Iranian Exploration Co.
  • SPGC and POGS (Gas Plat forms)
  • Drilling International Co.
  • Ostovan Drilling Co.
  • Dana Energy Co.
  • National Iranian Drilling Co.
  • IOEC and Sokan Arvand
  • A wide range of services for Naftkav Oil Industry Investment Co. Including NDT, Servicing of firefighting equipment and production of drawings, plans specification procedures etc. in 2002
  • Production of Safety and Fire Control and Hazardous Area Plans for land and
  • Offshore Oil Plat forms and Drilling Rigs. (90 cases).
  • Designing (preliminary) Oil Terminal Fire Protection System for Ports of Bushihre and BIK, Noshahr, Amir-Abad, Chabahar, and Bandar Anzali in 2007.
  • Audit, Inspection, Servicing of Fire Protection System for various Oil industries (e.g. Balal Platform for Elf Iran Petroleum.)
  • Full audit of Fire Protection and Safety Systems in all Oil and Gas production platforms (e.g. Abouzar Complex, Forouzan, Nowrooz, Bahregan Sar) and shore based production factories, storage areas, power plants etc. in the Kharg Island and Bahregan region and Submittance of audit report and upgrade proposal to IOOC in 2002- 2003.

  • 8 Oil installations including Tank Farms Oil Terminals Oil and Gas offshore platforms MODUS.

  • Many cases of inspection, NDT and overseeing construction of oil tank farms, e.g. Gransang and Mehvar Talaee (36 tanks) in the south and Sepeed Baran in the north and Khoramshahre, Setareye Qeshm, Banagostar, Farashimi, Pasargad, Hormoz Energy Tank Farm.
  • Many projects with contractors for Oil and Gas industries specially SADRA, IOEC, SAFF, DOT, FARASAHEL, ISOICO, NPCC, Total Fina Elf, CNPC etc.
  • Crew safety training on offshore platforms. 8 cases (Training carried out on platforms for full crew e.g. Salman, Nasr 1, 2 and 3, Ilam , Foroozan etc.) 2001-2005
  • Full renovation of Iran Khazar (Drilling Rig) in nearly all fire and safety systems including renovation of LSA, fixed halon systems, fire alarm systems, and design and installation of full gas detection system in 2005.
  • Production of documents such as SOPEP, cause and effect chart, ESD, Safety plan, Low Location Lighting etc. in 2005.
  • Full safety renovation of an oil offshore rig (Matin 110) for (SAFF).
  • This included fire protection equipment, installation of new alarm systems, thickness gauging, provision and installation of life saving appliances, production of Tech. documents, etc. in 2007.
  • Shahid Rajaii MODU system Renovation (F&G, LSA, F.F. etc.) in 2006 for NIDC.
  • Design, installation and setting to work, new sprinkler system on board pipe
  • Laying barge (Abouzar 1200) in Paradip India, in 2006. This was the first major sprinkler installation in early 2000. This was a big feat as the job had to be done at sea with no access to new parts and tools, and tools, and having to work while the protected spaces were occupied by the crew.
  • Full design work on an offshore Hotel Barge (A114) of IOEC in all Electrical and Machinery and Safety, Installations, and Installing F&G, Co2 system, foam system etc. 2008-2009
  • Installation of Gas Detection systems on oil tankers (e.g.: Iran Neka)
  • Full safety and fire protection audit on seven Marine Oil Terminals of the PMO. Full proposal and conceptual design work was submitted on safety, active and passive fire protection systems, electrical, mechanical, piping, loading and discharge arrangements, as well as management and training consultancy in 2007.
  • Full audit and test and Inspection of Safety, LSA, and Fire Protection Systems of all Iranian Oil Installations on/ off shore in the Persian Gulf including Khark, Siri, Bahregan, Lavan, Kish, Bushehre and Qeshm Regions 2008-2010 LR, LB, FF Servicing, Crane & Loose Gear Inspection, UTM and NDT, production of plans and Drawings and many other Similar Services to the Oil and Gas and Petrochemical Industries on daily basis.
  • Installation of new alarm systems (5 cases)
  • Safety equipment inspection and audit and commissioning on the new semi-submersible Drilling Rig-Iran Amir Kabir. Design and installation of 10 Co2 systems, various vessels and plat forms Qeshm Oil Terminal full audit & Inspection of fire protection system of all.
  • Full Technical inspection of 7 Fixed Drilling Plat forms and 2 MODUS in the Persian Gulf for IOOC. This Inspection Project started in October 2017 and will last for 3 years.
  • Khoramshahr Oil Installations Inspection and Consultancy. Passargad Project (Servicing Petrochemical Industries Fire Equipment.) Preparing new Standards for Fire and Safety Equipment for both PMO and IOOC.
  • Port of Amir abbad Marine Oil Jetty and Loading (inspection and consultancy).
  • Un loading facilities, Engineering and Consultancy for Silk Road P.G. Co.
  • A project with IOOC in Audit and Inspection of all their installations in the Persian Gulf, but this time the Job involved submittance of design drawing for all deficiencies as well as production of LSA, Safety and Fire Systems Standards and requirements. (Harmonized Standards)

9 Marine Oil Pollution Control Engineering

  • This includes supplying full OPCE for 7 ports and carrying out numerous exercises and maneuvers.
  • In addition, IESCO has carried out many studies and work eg: joint venture building of 10 harbor full clearing specialized boat. This was in joint venture with the Iranian company and Desmi, but was stopped due to sanctions.
  • Marine Oil Pollution Control, Training and exercises under auspices of the PMO.

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